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fir pad


19"x27½ "
Retail Price: $199.99

chi mach

Chi Machine

Retail Price: $480.00
Special: $399.00
Plus Free bottle of BetaLoe

soqi bed

SOQI Total Health Spa

3 Grande FIR Domes
1 Sun Ancon Chi Machine
Spa Bed w/built-in CD Player
Financing Available


     It is a specific wave length of light from the sun. Among the rays coming from the sun, the FIR waves are the safest and the most beneficial. What exactly is radiant heat? No need to worry - it has nothing to do with either ultraviolet radiation (which gives you a sunburn and damages your skin) or atomic radiation (the kind from a nuclear bomb). Radiant heat is simply a form of energy that heats objects directly through a process called conversion, without having to heat the air in between. Radiant heat is also called infrared energy (IR). The infrared segment of the electromagnetic spectrum is divided into three segments by wave length, measured in microns or micrometers (a micron = 1/1,000,000 meter); .076-1.5 microns = near or close; 1.5-5.6 = middle or intermediate; 5.6-1000 = far or long-wave infrared. The infrared segment of the electromagnetic spectrum occurs just below or “infra” to red light as the next lowest energy band of light. This band of light is not visible to human eyes but can be seen by special cameras that translate infrared into colors visible to our eyes. We can, however, feel this type of light which we perceive as heat.
     Our sun produces most of its energy output in the infrared segment of the spectrum. Our atmosphere has a “window” in it that allows FIR rays in the 7-14 micron range to safely reach the earth’s surface. When warmed, the earth radiates infrared rays in the 7-14 micron band with its peak output at 10 microns. The sun is the principal source of radiant energy that we experience daily. Have you ever been outside on a partly cloudy spring day of about 50 degrees and felt quite comfortable until suddenly the sun was obscured by a cloud? Although the air temperature had not had time to drop, you felt chilled, as the cloud would not let the warming infrared rays through to reach you. The infrared heat in the Hot House is just like the heat from our sun or that which our own bodies produce as they burn fuel to keep us warm. These rays are selectively absorbed by the tissues needing a boost in their output. The internal production of infrared energy that normally occurs within our tissues is associated with a variety of healing resources. After boosting a tissue’s level to maximum, the remaining rays pass onward harmlessly. This phenomenon is called “resonant absorption.”


• Elevates the temperature of subcutaneous layers, thus expanding blood capillaries, stimulating blood circulation, increasing metabolism between blood and tissue, promoting tissue regeneration and reducing cramping.
• Penetrates 4-5 centimeters into the dermis (middle layer of skin) from muscles into blood vessels, lymphatic glands and nerves.
• Affects every living cell and produces warmth. Through this cell tissue” micro-friction” and the vibration of molecular resonance, chemicals within cells are activated.
• The warming effect is helpful in eliminating such things as the waste products generated by aging, heavy metals and toxic substances, which are then secreted by the sweat and dermis-layer fat glands.
• Adjusts the autonomic nerve function and reduces the over-stimulation of sensory nerves.


• Far Infrared emits photons
• Photons help release enzymes
• Enzymes stimulate macrophage activity increasing the elimination of damaged and diseased tissues
• Nitric oxide is released which expands capillaries and increases circulation

Infra-red photons produce enzymes that activate macrophages, which help eliminate damaged and diseased tissue. Macrophages work on a cellular level.
Nitric oxide is released and expands capillaries. It also increases circulation and carries toxins to the lymph system and out of the body.
Why is this Infrared system unique? It uses infrared radiant energy to directly penetrate the body’s tissues to a depth of over 1-1/2". Its energy output is tuned to correspond so closely to the body’s own radiant energy that our bodies absorb close to 93% of the infrared waves that reach our skin.
One of the reasons FIR has beneficial results in a variety of illnesses is the ability of FIR waves to remove toxins, which are often at the core of many health problems. Numerous toxins are stored in our bodies. Toxic gases may be encapsulated by clusters of water. Where these toxins are accumulated, blood circulation is blocked and cellular energy is impaired. When a 10 micron FIR wave is applied to these large water molecules, the water begins to vibrate, which reduces the ion bonds of the atoms which are holding together the molecules of water. As the breakdown of the water molecules occurs, encapsulated gases and other toxic materials are released.

Turn up the Heat on Cancer

New Treatment Harnesses Heat To Fight Tumors

By John Kreiser


FIR HotHouse Dome

H12½ " x L25" x D14½ "
300 watts, 120V-60Hz

Retail Price: $899.00
Special: $699.00
Plus Free FIR Lumbar Cushion

grande dome

Grande FIR HotHouse

Size: H18” x L32” x D14 ½”      380 watts, 120V – 60Hz

Retail Price: $999.00
Special: $799.00
Plus Free FIR Lumbar Cushion

lumbar cushion

FIR Lumbar Cushion

Retail Price: $109.00
Special: $89.00

(CBS)  Cancer remains the second-leading cause of death in the United States. Now, doctors are experimenting with a promising, yet basic tool to fight it: heat. CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Kaledin takes a look at how they're trying to do it.
 When Emma Jean Wilson found a lump in her breast, doctors told her the prognosis was bleak. The cancer was "very rare," she says. "About one in three million, and only one percent is in your breast."
It was angio-sarcoma. Rather than rely on chemotherapy and radiation alone, Wilson decided to turn up the heat on her treatment — literally. She enrolled in a clinical trial at the Duke University Medical Center, becoming one of thousands of volunteers who, along with doctors, are hoping that something as simple as heat can improve standard cancer treatment.(Read this article)


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