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The HotHouse Dome

fir pad


The Far Infrared HotHouse Dome Helps

 Increases circulation - Expands capillaries -  regenerates cells

 The FIR Pad can generate high temperature rapidly through heating with the latest high-tech, high-density galvanothermy carbon wire. At 113 degrees F the FIR Pad is applicable to patients suffering from cold hands and feet, physical pains, which will promote the blood circulation and comfort the patient. At 131 degrees F the FIR Pad is applicable to patients suffering from sports injury, soreness of waist and backache, which will accelerate metabolism, relax tight muscles and nerves, and ease pains.

The FIR Pad is applicable to treating rheumatism, arthritis, and neuralgia. The far infrared physiochemical ceramics in the pad will release far infrared when encountering heat, which will go deep into the human body and activate cells, accelerate blood circuit, and achieve the efficacy of physical therapy rapidly

Far Infrared Rays (FIR), are part of the electromagnetic spectrum just below red light rays.  These rays are very specific, beneficial, invisible to the naked eye, and are the safest rays emitted from the sun.  These sun rays are what you feel penetrating heat into your skin.  It is these rays that the Chinese have patented a revolutionary health machine with this FIR technology.  They have designed a dome that produces natural health benefits through radiant FIR heat.  The domes’ unique specifically arched design (160 degree span) and multifaceted acute angled silicon crystal chips’ inner surface maximizes the penetrating radiant heat absorbed by the body, thereby, enhancing the thermal effect.  The silicon crystal chips are what separate us from the cheaper imitations.  The crystals and the 160 degree span increase effectiveness by 10 fold.

As this heat is absorbed deeply into the body, it produces amazing results, such as, increasing your metabolism, stimulating your lymphatic system, enhancing your immune system, in addition to helping detox your body, and relieving pain (personal results may vary).  Moreover, and perhaps most important to some, is the fact that cancer cells can’t survive above 42 degrees C.  So, the FIR radiant heat may also help kill cancer cells.

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